It’s Only Fashion’s Great SL Photo Hunt

It’s Only Fashion announces the Great Second Life® Photo Hunt. The hunt is sponsored by It’s Only Fashion and Lazy Sunday.

We have created a list of 100 photo scenarios for you to hunt and shoot. You can blog them, post them on Flickr or at KoinUP. We have set up a Flickr Group for you to submit your photos as you work to finish the hunt. Please comment on this page up in our menu bar with your updates to help us track your progress.

There are prizes, but the real prize will be the fun of exploring Second Life, working on it with friends and meeting new people as you try to get them to pose with you.

The prizes are fantastic! There are cash prizes from Lazy Sunday as well as gifts. The first person who captures and posts all 100 scavenger photos wins 5000 L and a 1500 L gift certificate for a photo shoot from Strawberry Singh, the second wins 3000 L and the third wins 2000 L. There are additional prizes from Hucci, Banana Banshee, Balderdash, Izzie’s, Tranquility Way Station, 22769, Undefined Lilies, Frooti, Gallery Barzane, Somnia, Clutter and Sn@tch. Everyone who completes the hunt will get a special “I finished the Great SL Photo Hunt” t-shirt from Miao.

You will be required to explore Second Life, to talk to strangers and enlist them in your hunt, to get your friends to hunt with you. You can form teams and collect photos together, but each of must take your own shot of the experience. While there is nothing to prevent you from buying costumes and props to complete some of the tasks, the goal is for you to find them and collect these experiences and photos without spending money, though searching marketplace for freebies may be helpful.

  1. A shot of you jumping in a parachute
  2. You and two others sitting at a lunch counter, shot from behind.
  3. You and three friends smoking a hookah.
  4. You windsurfing in formal wear.
  5. A picture of you in drag. 
  6. You dancing in a field of flowers and butterflies
  7. A picture of a pet owner cuddling/holding 6 cats.
  8. You and two friends posing like paper dolls at Status.
  9. You at the Eiffel Tower. 
  10. You wearing a box.
  11. You wearing bling – refesh until you capture it in full bling.
  12. You snow skiing
  13. You ruthed
  14. You walking a runway.
  15. You on a plane! (A MUTHERFUCKING PLANE)
  16. You at BUKKAKE BLISS (come on that’s brilliant)
  17. You eating or drinking SL food of some sort
  18. You with a washing machine
  19. You ironing clothes.
  20. You dancing on a stripper pole
  21. You and at least 2 friends tanning at the beach
  22. You and your friends having a picnic at Izzie’s
  23. You with a princess
  24. You and friends recreating a line from a Beatles song.
  25. You with a group of people watching fireworks
  26. You and two people riding a carousel
  27. You helping a noob at Help Island
  28. You and two friends doing a handstand beside a Lazy Sunday sign
  29. You with a snake on a plane
  30. You in the TARDIS
  31. You on an autopsy table
  32. You at a charity event in SL.
  33. You eating donuts with a cop
  34. You dancing with a clown. 
  35. You in historically appropriate clothing at a medieval sim
  36. You or a friend picking your nose (yes your nose)
  37. You holding a prim baby
  38. You fishing at Sn@tch.
  39. You in Old Berlin.
  40. You and the Statue of Liberty.
  41. You and a friend at The Pixel Bean
  42. You and two people at a trailer park
  43. You dancing in your underwear, wearing pasties, with a mouthie
  44. Your or a friend with a bad cold
  45. You with a Sith Lord
  46. You dancing with a snow leopard.
  47. You riding a giant giraffe rocking horse
  48. You and as many friends as possible in an elevator.
  49. You and 14 friends posed together
  50. You and friends using the furniture at Clutter.
  51. You climbing the monkey bars.
  52. You in a museum of oddities and curiosities in glass jars
  53. You on a trapeze swing. 
  54. You dancing the Peanuts Dance
  55. You doing a mannequin pose in a store window.
  56. Find a sign and act out exactly what it says.
  57. Spell out a word with objects and your avatar.
  58. Take a picture of your reflection. 
  59. Find a statue and pose just like it, take a picture of you and statue.
  60. A Stranger smoking by a no-smoking sign
  61. You flying a kite.
  62. You and friends playing soccer.
  63. You riding a horse on the Linden Road.
  64. You in your oldest outfit, shape, skin and hair. 
  65. You at your favorite club
  66. You at your favorite store
  67. You at your favorite sim
  68. You exploring the galaxies.
  69. You and/or you and a group doing the Poppins Challenge –
  70. You and a stranger making a stack of 6 prim boxes together. 
  71. You wearing an outfit made of objects (lamps, flowers, vases)
  72. You and as many friends as possible stuffed in a phone booth.
  73. A picture of you wearing clothing that lets you blend into the room you are in.
  74. You in historically appropriate clothing at a Ancient Greek or Roman sim
  75. You running in circles (onigokko)  at Versailles
  76. Something old
  77. Something New
  78. Something Borrowed
  79. Something Blue
  80. You and 2 or more friends playing in a fountain
  81. You and a friend shooting watermelon guns.
  82. You and a friend at an art gallery.
  83. You scuba diving. 
  84. You visiting the Great Wall of China.
  85. A tourist shot at Borobodur or other ancient temple.
  86. You and your best friend jumping off a cliff into a river like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  87. You riding an elephant
  88. You and two friends all posing in your craziest pose.
  89. You and two friends acting out Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Say No Evil
  90. You with the White Rabbit.
  91. You posing as the Lady of Shallot in a boat. 
  92. You eating a banana at Banana Banshee
  93. You playing a musical instrument.
  94. You with your head tucked underneath your arm.
  95. A self-portrait closeup – using at least 3 emotes in combination
  96. Re-enacting in SL one of your RL’s most embarrassing moments.
  97. An SL snap replicating (as best you can) the cover of your favorite movie.
  98. Your SL recreation of the diner scene from Pulp Fiction. 
  99. You in your favorite outfit.
  100. You and your best friend(s) in SL

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