Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!?!!

Thaattss right!! Superbowl weekend is coming at us in full steam!! I use to only watch the Superbowl for the commercials.. but year by year I have been getting more into the sport!! I am a HUGE Houston Texans fan since that’s where I am from.. But sadly.. They did not make it in this year.. OH WELL!! There is always next year!! 😛 Since the teams that are playing are the Patriots and the Giants.. I am ALL about NY this year!! GO BIG BLUE!!

The only place I ever buy any of my sports related clothes is from Red Dog Gear.. Amazing work on all of their products.. Every team.. Sport.. Jersey’s.. PJ’s.. Booty Shorts.. Hoodies.. You name it.. They got it!! and they ever do customized jerseys as well!! I will say though.. Buying a Patriots jersey hurt me almost as much as this tackle did!!

As I said.. I am a little bias this year.. and I am all about NY Giants.. But.. Bring on Sunday!! I am readyyyyy!! I have my jersey on and ready to go!! Who will you be rooting for? Patriots or the Giants? Check out a closer look at some of the jerseys and details..

And now a little closer look at those booty shorts!!! and.. my booty!! lol!

Annnnnnd with that said… I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope you get a chance to watch the game.. and remembbbeerrr!! GO BIG BLUE!!! heheeeee! <3333

Skin – -Belleza- – Chloe
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Hair – [Elikatira] – Garden
Jersey’s/Shorts – RED DOG GEAR
Socks – *BOOM* – Tube Socks
Shoes –Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Lo-Tops

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