Familiarity And Style – BRIAR – The New Skin from AURA

One of the hallmarks of a true artist is the familiarity their style and work imparts to us as the recipient of their work. A trained ear might know Mozart, Bach, or Debussy the moment the chords are struck. A dilettante might simply recognize the style, Romantic, Baroque, Classical. But true artists have a style that is unmistakable as their own.

Such it is with Tyr Rozemblum’s new skin BRIAR from the brand Aura. It blends all her previous work together in a genesis of new creation that is undeniably hers yet fresh and exciting to try on and wear. These are truly beautiful skins with gorgeous luminous bodies.

Going to a new exhibit of a great artist brings you both the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of watching that creator grow and evolve.

Right now, for those savvy enough to belong to the AURA Group – there is a VIP giftee of this skin in the BERLIN makeup style.

So run don’t walk and try on these skins. I think you’ll find them as delicious and gorgeous as I do.

Lingerie: Ingenue :: Angelique :: Corset :: Blanc 1
Eyelashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lipstick: Aura – Briar – Powder Pink Lipstick – cream
Hair: :Exile:: Amira:Roots-Vanilla

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