Marketing 401 for Bloggers

Exploring the balance between advising and applying certain practices, especially in the realm of using Flickr to enhance your blog’s presence, is quite an adventure. I’ve incorporated Flickr into my routine by linking back to my blog in photo descriptions, recognizing the untapped potential for more strategic use. The decision to engage in additional promotional activities boils down to weighing their potential benefits against the time investment. While I sometimes venture into employing different promotional tactics discussed here, I often find myself captivated by the allure of others’ photographs, which diverts my attention.

Enhancing Your Profile

The first step in making the most of Flickr involves refining your profile. This means adding a link to your blog and offering a brief insight into what you and your blog are about. You’re given plenty of space, so don’t hold back. This is a subtle way to assist with your blog’s visibility, possibly even touching on SEO indirectly.

Photo Descriptions with Purpose

Whenever you upload a photo that’s connected to your blog, it’s a good practice to include your blog’s URL in the description. Going a step further by linking directly to the corresponding blog post can enrich the viewer’s experience. I make it a point to link to my blog and highlight it in my Flickr profile, though revisiting to add specific post links could enhance engagement.

Additionally, tagging your photos with pertinent keywords, like “Second Life,” your personal name, or the brands you’re showcasing, increases the chances of your photos being discovered by interested parties. This recommendation is something I advocate for more than practice, due to my own oversight. Nonetheless, I do make an effort to list all the featured clothing in my photo descriptions.

Community Engagement

The community aspect of Flickr operates on a give-and-take basis, where those who actively participate in commenting tend to see more engagement on their own content. By showing genuine interest in others’ photos through likes and comments, you spark curiosity about your own work, which can lead viewers back to your profile and, by extension, your blog. Although the interaction isn’t explicitly transactional, actively engaging with the community can lead to increased visibility for your blog. Despite my sporadic commenting habits, I’ve noticed that specific, thoughtful comments encourage more meaningful exchanges than generic award gifs.

In summary, utilizing Flickr effectively involves more than just SEO tactics with the best BigCommerce SEO services; it’s about genuinely engaging with the community, crafting thoughtful photo descriptions, and presenting a compelling profile. These strategies, while subtly enhancing your blog’s online presence, primarily foster a sense of community and engagement that can naturally extend your blog’s reach.


There are hundreds of Second Life groups in Flickr. You should join a few. This is another place where I do not do the effective blog marketing that I could be doing. I get very bored submitting my photos to groups, so I generally just add my photos when invited. If I were more proactive, I would add my pictures to the groups created by designers to highlight their work. People looking at their designs might click on the photo and follow the link to my blog.

If you have the time and don’t find it terribly tedious, you really should post to groups. However, follow the rules. Posting pictures that do not meet the guidelines of the group makes you look like you think rules are for other people and no one likes folks who think they are entitled and exempt from the rules.

Join Second Life Bloggers of Fashion and post your pictures. They require a URL to your blog, so be sure to include that. Lots of people skim that rather than feeds just because it’s fast and includes people who have not been blogging long enough to be on feeds. There are other groups as well, but this is the largest, most well-known group. Some others include:

And doubtless there are dozens more. If you have recommendations, please add them in comments.

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2 thoughts on “Marketing 401 for Bloggers

  1. Harper Ganesvoort

    Most of the same rules apply to Koinup as well. They aren’t quite as insistent on comment for comment, I think; but it always pays to have a link to your blog story on the pictures.

  2. Sasy Scarborough

    How did I miss this post, so cool and thank you for listing the bloggers group, when I made it years ago it was because I couldn’t find anywhere to put my pics that didn’t feel silly amongst happy snaps from SL people just going about their everyday. I searched over 300 groups related to SL and couldn’t find anything, so before I went blind I made one, and love seeing it grow all the time, so thank you for mentioning it ♥.

    Also if you write up your post in full and then upload your pics and post straight away, you still have the page with the thumbnails open and copy paste the url for the post before saving it 😀 that is what I do.

    xox Sasy xox

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