Attention Shy Bloggers and Shy Creators!

A few bloggers responding to a plurk discussing the usual little myths and misconceptions of blogging that endlessly recycle through the drama-tron that is ordinary life mentioned that they were too shy to approach creators whose work they would like to blog. Meanwhile, in the same plurk, creators express their anxiety and discomfort with approaching bloggers. And of course, they all expressed the same essential fear – rejection.

Well, I used to get rejected for a living. My first job was door-to-door political canvassing for progressive causes – including a month on loan to a gay rights organization in Idaho fighting an anti-gay initiative. If you have ever canvassed for gay rights in Idaho, believe me, you know rejection.  I have come to see rejection as part of the process. When budgeting, I learned to factor in the probability of rejection for grant proposals. When lobbying, I learned that you can’t get a yes without a few no’s. It’s like chopping onions, no one likes to do it, but the reward when you add them to the recipe make it worthwhile.

So I posted a plurk somewhat facetiously suggesting shy bloggers and creators post their info and connect and was surprised by how many responded. Clearly there is a need for some way for bloggers to wave their hands in the air and say look at me. Conversely, creators are waving their hands, too. With some plurk discussion, the idea of creating a searchable, sortable directory of bloggers who accept review copies which is public and open for designers to find potential matches to their designs.

It seemed smartest to list bloggers and ask designers to make the contact because I could envision designers getting overwhelmed with requests if they publicly expressed their desire to share promotional copies. Since this seems very much in sync with the work I am doing with Evelyn Hartshon over at Blogging Second Life, I talked to her and she agreed that it made sense to host the application and director at Blogging Second Life.

There are other ideas percolating as well, perhaps an occasional salon. networking tea party something where folks say hi in-world and pass notecards around. Perhaps someone should create a blogger-designer matchmaking service. Perhaps you have an idea and want to suggest it in the comments. This is a start and I hope one that folks find useful and easy.

So, shy ones and not-so shy ones, if you’re blogging or creating and want to find your counterpart for mutual happiness and bliss, please check out the Blogger-Creator Connections Page and my fellow plurkies and I will toss bird seed and everyone will live happily ever after.  (I have both Once Upon a Time and Grimm on my DVR – so perhaps I am in a fairy tale sort of place.)

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