Blogging Second Life

I have begun a new project with Evelyn Hartshon, combining my effort to collect the world of Second Life® bloggers with her effort to catalog the stores and creators of Second Life all in a one-stop-shop resource for the community.  The site is called Blogging Second Life.

This is a community resource that can be made better with your help – help in adding blogs that are missing, stores that we have not listed and other missing info. You can also help by linking to it in your own blogs and store listings and using it as a resource for posts. The site’s listing for a store includes a link the creator’s profile rather than SLurls as the slurls may change, but the profile will not. From the profile, you should find links to their store. There’s also a link to their blog and marketplace. Suggestions are welcome.

There is also an in-world group connecting bloggers and creators. You can apply for an invite on the site.


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