The One Where I Got Shadows

Something odd happened to me several months ago. I went out and spent a lot of money on a pretty bad ass computer. You could literally see the little sales guys drool as we upgraded memory and video and basically, our motto was “what else ya got?”

I bought a nice computer. Tis powerful. Goes Zip Zip Zip fast. You get the idea.

I brought it home and installed SL. And my cartoon world blew up. Nothing worked, nothing worked right. Pictures were shit. Kirstens viewer went to hell then didn’t work at all, the official viewer didn’t work and basically, I was pretty upset.

I got all sorts of advice and tips and change this settings and do this and do that, but to no avail. Firestorm came out, and my world lightened up. I could take nice clear sharp pics again. I couldn’t do the stuff the cool kids were doing with shadows and depth of field but I got over it.

So when I installed Firestorm’s mesh viewer, it was really just to shoot some boots and hairs the other day, yet I realized it had a lot of photo bells and whistles (DOF for one) so I started mucking about last night and realized – I had shadows.

Now, it’s not perfect. I’m told it’s because I’m on an ATI card and SL hates ATI cards so clearly my NEXT card will be nVidia however, LOOOOOK SHADOWS.

To get this effect, I had to turn on shadows and depth of field. As normal, when enabling shadows on my card I got this VERY jaggedy outlined avatar, and I mucked about with depth of field until it simply went away.

Yeah I know it doesn’t work like that. See pic above. It does. Honestly I just sat and waited a while, too, just kind of letting the card and the viewer get it figured out and once it was clear enough, I snapped.

Now, I took a pic with shadows. Imma go sit at the cool kids table. Gidge, Out.

Damn my ass looks good in that shadow.

Your Shopping List:
Sweater::::Sn@tch Granny Sweater (Purplish-S):::
No idea who makes the pants CREATORS PUT YOUR NAME IN DESCRIPTIONS DAMMIT: Tabfront Ladies Jeans – Black (RG)
Shoes: Baiastice_Camilla
Nails:[ PXL ] Manicure – Red #2 BlackFrench
Reasonable Desires: Victorian Camisole
Earrings: Baiastice_Lucilla-gold earring L
Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Romance (Left)
Necklace: Dark Mouse Victorian Beads w/Sparkle – Black/Blue (Chest)
Hair: fri. – Lavender – Platinum Blonde
Shape:Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ thinner legs
Skin-Belleza- Chloe Med 23
Eyes: Poetic Colors: classic – moroccan night (m) – bright – freebie


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