It's International Customer Service Week: Salute to Kittycats

As a customer service professional for over 20 years I tend to be rather cynical when it comes to the service I receive. I don’t expect much, and I don’t get much generally.

So when a business in either life shows me exemplary service, I notice, and I continue to patronize them.

Kittycats has never once failed to wow me with their prompt service and their amazing concern for their customers. Food failed delivery? No problem. Here you go. Cat gone missing? No problem, here you go.  Never do they say anything negative, never is it the customers fault from where I’ve sat. And lets face it, sometimes it IS.

Kittycats has impressed me every single time I’ve had to deal with their service. Well done guys!

I’d be glad to recognize some more businesses this week btw – if anyone has any great suggestions.

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