Oh October

Know what’s cool about Halloween?  Aside from EVERYTHING, it’s all the treats that people want to give us.  I love you creators, you don’t need to spoil us, but you do.  The first is Schadenfreude’s yearly tradition, the pumpkin treat bucket.  It’s a gift to everyone, and chock full of stuff (including the witch pez that I hold, above, and all sorts of fun things, including free ridable brooms for you Hogwarts people).  In the words of Allegory: “Wear the bucket! Touch the bucket! Tell others to touch your bucket!”  [ What’s for Christmas, Alle? A box with a hole in it?]

The other free gift that I am wearing is this dress, the yearly group gift Halloween item from Honey Kitty.  Perfect shade of pumpkin, perfectly cute dress.  Thank you!   Not free but awesome is 4.44.444 — where I got these shoes from Deco.  Do stop by and celebrate SL FreeStyle’s anniversary.   (SLURL to Schadenfreude) (SLURL to Honey Kitty) (SLURL to 4.44.444)

Two more photos and credits behind the cut.

Dress: Honey+Kitty group gift for Halloween 2011
Shoes: DECO Donna shoes for 4.44.444
Stockings: Schadenfreude sheer peach white amortentia stockings
Eye makeup: Schadenfreude pumpkin glitterstareye facepaint
Hair: Lamb stargaze in rotten carrot
Nails: Mandala female short nails
Pumpkin: Schadenfreude free treat bucket for 2011 (I <3 U alle)
Skin: Pink Fuel Alyx Pearl Static – teeth

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