One of the things I’ve learned in four years, is that you can never be sure that everyone GETS everything. I’ve been asked a couple of times recently if I knew how the boot polishes at GOS worked, so I figured HEY BLOG POST.

Cuz I have a blog.

So first off, take yourself to GOS and buy yourself some boots or shoes that have the boot polish system available. For my example I’m going to use the 8 hole DOCS.

They look like this, only smaller.

Then, walk over to the wall where you see the boot polishes sold. There are solids, prints and now I believe furs (I don’t have the furs MUST HAVE!!!). Gaze upon them longingly and then decide which ones you need. As NEED isn’t a relevant term in SL, you will want to go ahead and purchase ALL of them.

Then, GO home.

Ignore your messy bedroom and select to WEAR a shoe polish. Click it. It’ll tell you not to fuck about or do anything while it updates. When it’s done, it tells you, and is even polite enough to tell you that you can detach it.

NOW you can click your boot and choose from the menu a texture option, select the BOOT and now VOILA the boot polish color/pattern you purchased will be within the menu.

It’s like MAGIC. Without losing your soul to the devil.

As you can see, I tend to change my black DOCS to the more girly flowery options. But there are lots of colors that aren’t so Gidgey-girly I promise.

So then, happy Sunday and now you have no reason not to go get some 8 hole DOCS. You need them.

Your Shopping List:
Pants:haut.monde – Denim Plaid Capris – Pink
Boots: GOS 8 Hole[Docs]
Nails:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Eggplant):::
Top:haut.monde – Silk Halter – Pink 1
Ink:*katat0nik* Treat Tattoo Sleeves 1
Lipstick:[:Tuli:] Sara / peach / lips :: Grape
Hair:>TRUTH< Agnes 3 (Upper) – bubblegum
Jewelry:Bliensen + MaiTai – LLama Necklace
Shape:Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~ reg legs (new)
Skin:[:Tuli:] Sara / peach :: 04
Eyes: Poetic Colorsclassic – black swan (m) bright

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