What To Wear With Dark Mouse New Releases?

I opted for MOSTLY nothing.

Dark Mouse has released a several new sets, each gorgeous and unique and with something for every taste. From delicate to bold, from casual to refined Mouse again brings the grid girl lots of good things.

Ok I wore JEANS.

Did I mention Mouse also made new Statement rings? They are awesome because if you throat punch someone while wearing them, well…..you get the idea….

The bow ring is upside down because of my hand position. I could’ve turned it right side up but then that would’ve been a LIE about the way it sits on your hand. You get it, right?

These releases from DARK MOUSE and many other jewelers can be found at the Jewelry Fair.

Other Stuff I’m Wearing:

Skin: Belleza – Akio

Hair – Truth

Jeans- Sn@tch

Poses – STaTUS

Nobody Tell Gogo I didn’t put like full fashion details above. Thx.

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