Oh…the smell of vinyl record shops!

Hope everyone is doing good 🙂

Virtual Decay has always been one of my favourite sims ever, I used to hang out a lot at the old location to take snaps at the amazing industrial/post apocalyptic town with its fantastic buildings, streets and structures created by the talented Maddison Mokeev. The Record Store was the place I liked the most. I still do, even though VD got a new location now, the old town doesn’t exist anymore, but the rez area gives you the chance to explore all the buildings on sale and one of them is, oh yeah, The Record Store.

Peace, bro!

I love its vintage atmosphere as much as I love hanging out at some old vinyl record shops in RL. Oh…the smell of vinyl record shops!

So I went to VD to take some shots at The Record Store and I thought I might wear something appropriate to the atmosphere. Hope you like it 🙂

Love the smell of vinyl record shops

Wanna see more????

So vintage So cool

Good old vinyl records

The funky top and jeans are from Diapop, I absolutely dig the style and the way they fit.
Actually, in the pictures the jeans are missing a prim that makes them “baggy” , but I chose not to wear it ‘cause I think for this look they’re just perfect without it.
Dianne Peccable, Diapop designer, gives her creations such an awesome and unique retro style that all you can do is loving them. I mean it. Go check out her store and you’ll see 😉 She’s got such a great taste! Dianne is my friend and I love her, she’s a true sweetie.
The cute bag is one of the gatcha items from xxJOMESHOUJOxx, I already blogged one of them some time ago.

Meet me at the record shop

Nice sitting pose! Like all the poses in these pictures, it’s from Studio Sidhe. I really like them (look at the one in the first picture, so cool!), they’re part of different sets: The Feisty Pose Set, The Revolution Pose Set and The Siddean Foot Fetish Collection, which are the latest fabulous releases. I highly recommend you go check them out!
I purchased the shoes at the Shoe Fair but haven’t got the chance to blog about them so far. They’re the “Vilda” open boots from *G Field* and they’re perfect. Yes, perfect. I especially love the feather details.
The bangles are from Zaara -the Ramya wood bangles – another great item from this brand.


Ohhh…such a beautiful hairstyle! It’s “Mya”from ChiChickie, which has made its first appearance at the Hair Fair and now it’s available in shop. The hair comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour of the hairband. Go try the demo, you’ll love it!

Have a nice day/evening and, if you’re lucky enough to have some old vinyl record shop near you, don’t miss the chance to go and visit it.

Ciao 😉


  • Top: Diapop70 seven top – jeans dark
  • Jeans: Diapopbaggy jeans
  • Poses: Studio Sidhe – from The Feisty Pose Set, The Revolution Pose Set and The Siddean Foot Fetish Collection
  • Hair: ChiChickieMya – Brunette
  • Shoes: *G Field* Open Boots “Vilda – beige
  • Bag: xxJOMESHOUJOxx*txt* – gatcha item
  • Bangles: ZaaraRamya wood bangles
  • Skin: CurioPout
  • Earrings: **DP**yumyum – Feather Pierce – old group gift
  • Eyes: CurioTragic Eyes – Dark Brown (Shine)
  • Location: Virtual Decay

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