In The Time After Men

Those who come next will be left with our childish things.

In the time after men,

there will be no hearts that can ache or break.

Or will there?

**Note – This is a Hair Fair release by the incomparable Tekeli-Li whom I fangirl so I hard want to have his pixel babies. Well, I WOULD want to. But my husband would probably not be amused by that in the least. Plus pixel babies are creepy. Also, pixel babies from Tekeli-Li would probably have scales and tentacles and horns and shit that is all exceedingly well scripted but would burst through my chest upon birth.

There is a down side to fangirling boys who do hardcore fantasy creations.

Oh – I also act like a complete doofus every time I talk to him. I’m sure he’s like “OHAI there’s that weird Barbie doll blogger who likes to wear horns and tentacles.”

Lol. I love being me.**

But -there is NO downside to seeing out his brilliance both at his hair fair booth and the shop during rest of the year.

Now, go shopping. I mean it.

Don’t make me skewer you. I’ll totally do it.
Shape – Savoire Faire – Gidge
Skin – Adam N Eve – Circuit – Chrome
Tattoo – Para Designs – Ecletic
Tentacles – Tekeli Li – Basic Female Tentacles
Hair – Tekeli Li – Aklo – Hair Fair 2011
Poses – STaTUS
Taken at Redshift (216, 90, 1228)

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