Disco Deals – Now With New Crunchier Flavor

That doesn’t even make sense. Crunchier flavor indeed. My best friend was an English major and she used to just lose her shit over people saying “crispy”. Apparently something can’t be more than crisp. Not even if you really, really dry it out.

I digress.

DISCO DEALS is still raging on despite the awesomeness that is Hair Fair and the also awesomeness that is Truth District!

That’s right, you can pop over to Disco Deals all weekend long and check out the fun goodies for under 100L for your shopping pleasure.

Right now I’m showing you two good things from Disco Deals – The Robin top from MIAO and the I Like Skittles Too jewelry from Dark Mouse, which is made to go compliment the top!

You can take a taxi to Disco Deals to pick up these and other goodies!
Your Shopping List:
Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
skin – PXL Creations – Gaia – Sunkissed Tone with Freckles
Hair – Truth – Pandora – Auburn – NEW and awesome!
Makeups – PXL Creations – Gaia Sunset Eyeshadow, Gaia sunkissed Copper lips
Glasses – Alphavillain – Pacifist Glasses
Jewelr y – DARK MOUSE – I like Skittles Too for DISCO DEALS
Top – MIAO – Orange Robin Empire Blouse
Jeans – Sn@tch
Shoes – Miamai DeCo – Mina – Cream&Wood

Taken at Quiricosta (24, 144, 352)

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