Thanks so much!

Look at Me!

Cliff the Plurking Cat

I received a card from the Oregon Humane Society this morning telling me that a donation was made in Cliff’s memory from my friends in Second Life. I went to the memorial and the wonderful sale in Cliff’s memory that happened this weekend and cried a lot – happy tears that my friends would do something so lovely in his memory and that people would support it so much. Thanks to you, more than $100 was raised for the Humane Society and I know they can use it, not counting other personal donations made to their own local Humane Society.

Cliff was a wonderful cat and I miss him very much. I had him from the day he was born in my bed on June 15, 1992 until he went to sleep in my arms on June 16, 2011. He was a big part of my life and a constant companion full of love and affection. He’s buried next to his mother who died of old age last year. He had a happy life and even had all his own teeth at the old age of 19. Sadly he had lymphoma and was not responding to treatment. It was the best decision for him and since the vet came to my home, it was a quiet, peaceful experience. It was the best it could be.

You looking at me?


I went to the Humane Society right away and found a new baby to love. His name is Oscar and he’s 11, so older than I planned. But I took one look at him and saw he needed someone to love him as he is. He had been at the OHS for 8 months and developed the habit of washing his face constantly. He’s been home with me less than 10 days and already his skin is looking better. He’s just a bit OCD. He spends a lot of time hiding under the covers, under the bed, under the couch – but he still has a lot of love to give and just needs to feel safe and calm and he comes out for cuddles.

Oscar the Plurking Cat

Oscar the loooooocat

There’s one way he is like Cliff, he likes to plurk. One of his first messages was “0————————————looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo” which prompted someone to call him the lo cat. He’s figured out how to change my browser preferences, close all windows, restart my desktop and even can turn on my i-pod and fast forward playing a few measures of a song, then another, then another. He’s loud, opinionated and spunky. I can’t wait to see what adventures we will have.

4 thoughts on “Thanks so much!

  1. Ivey Deschanel

    I’m so glad for you that such a sad occasion turned around into a positive and charitable experience. I know you and Oscar will have a long and happy time together <3

  2. Sanura Snowpaw

    I am so pleased to see how well Oscar is doing, and how in Cliff’s honer and memory you are not only changing the life of Oscar but so many other wonderful animals just needing love. (cozy)

  3. Xaqueline

    may Cliff rest in peace with his Momma and may Oscar bring you tons of love and “kitty kisses” … i’m holding my crazy cat a little tighter today in honor of you all. he totally hates snuggling but he’ll just have to deal 😉

  4. Goli Fierenza

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your kitty. God bless you for adopting
    Oscar, he’s a very lucky kitty to have such a wonderful mommy!<333333 I have three strays that came to my house looking for homes, They have been such a special gift, I'm so blessed that they found me 🙂

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