In Love With Pink And Green

I have this cousin, who throughout the 70s was the sitcom version of a hippie chick. She was Rhoda. Her apartment had beads in the doorway to the kitchen. She burned black candles candles and had small totems in a glass case, from her travels around the world.

I have always found her to be exotic and mesmerizing.

One of my fondest memories of her, was going to her house after a rather meager bout of Trick and Treating, to find she’d made candy caramel apples, home made popcorn balls, caramels and other treats. She was dressed as a witch, and while presenting all of these goodies, made only for me, said “I wasn’t sure what kind of candy would be the best treat…”

She married well -a rich Arab. No lie. She really did. He was from Jordan – but hell he called himself Arab and I’m not versed enough in the peoples of that area to know if that’s right.

I digress.

He bought her this house, which she had decorated by some designer – at that time in my childhood it was the most luxurious thing I’d ever heard of – until I walked inside of it.

Her living room was a riot of soft pinks and greens in various hues. All melded together with the heavy velvet curtains pooling on the floor and the glass case full of the totems of the world discreetly tucked into a corner.

It was without question, the loveliest room I’d ever been in. Since then, I’ve had a passion for pink and green together. Regardless of convention, I think pink and green are smashing together.

I’m also bringing you, besides the gorgeous pinks and greens, more lovely eyes from Poetic Colors. I promised to dole them out!


Your Shopping List:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Belleza – Erika – makeup 19
  • Makeup – Belleza – Erika Lipstick – 2
  • Hair – Truth – Priscilla and Priscilla 2 in Champagne
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors
  • Dress – Eclectic Firefly – Sunny Day in Green
  • Shoes – R.icielli – for TDR Carmelia
  • Rings – Dark Mouse – Statement Rings – Brilliance
  • Nails – sn@tch – Baby Pink
  • Earrings – MOOD – Vengeance – In Gold. They’re weapons. Thus the name. Class dismissed.
  • Poses – STaTUS

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