Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse – Part One

The way I figure it, if the world is about to be over-run by zombies who didn’t get raptured, well, there might not be a lot of time for making snow cones. So – I figured I’d run over to the Jersey Shore build and indulge.

I was going to ride some rollercoasters, but I couldn’t get any roller coaster love. No matter what I did, they all said “Next train can be rezzed in 20 seconds.” NO ROLLER COASTER LOVE!

Next time I want to ride one, I’ll have to share a car with ZOMBIES! Lame.

After snacking on snow cones and cotton candy and ice cream and whatever else I could get my pixel hands on, I decided that I’d just watch the end of the world under the boardwalk.

That got me wondering if there were anyone buried under the boardwalk who might be about to rise. Hmmmmm.

I gotta admit it. I’m not that worried.

We pixel girls, we don’t really have worries. Worries are for the corporeal units.

I’m wearing a preview of the Moody Monday release from MIAO. If there IS no Zombie Apocalypse you can pick it up fro 55L for the set ON MONDAY! Sweet!
The skin is the AMAZING Aiko from Belleza. Tricky makes me beautiful.

Your Pre- Zombie Apocalypse Shopping List Is:

Shape – Gidge
Skin – Belleza – Aiko – Pale Makeup 2/Cleavage
Hair – TRUTH – Jersey
Top – MIAO – Summer Luvin – Moody Monday PREVIEW
Shorts – MIAO – SUmmer Luvin – Moody Monday PREVIEW
Ink – Dead Carrot – Cupcake Heaven
Jewelry – Dark Mouse – Steeplechase Pearl Earrings and Necklace in Copper
Eyes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6 and 2
Nails – sn@tch – Nail Candy – Rainbow
Ring – Theosophy – STYX Ring – Gold
Shoes – GOS DARE Bootie – Black

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