What if we all wore the Same Damn Thing?

Image from Achariya's Original Challenge

It occurred to me that one way all of us could wave a blogger’s goodbye to Achariya while she moves on to her first life writing career was to replay one of her best Blogger Challenges, the Same Damn Thing Challenge. I enlisted her aid in selecting the clothing that we would all blog to show how we all can wear the same damn thing and still look very different and she chose the Oxford Shirt from Shadenfreude. It comes in 30 colors, has three degrees of tucked-in-ness and should spark your creative neurons easily.

Post links to your stylish posts highlighting your styling efforts with the Oxford shirt below. In mid-April, I will post a followup with everyone’s stylings. Have fun with this!

18 thoughts on “What if we all wore the Same Damn Thing?

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