Let The Good Times Roll

Inspired by Harlequin this group gift from ALB is a complete outfit for your Fat Tuesday celebration including skin.
Lily Karlsbar from IOF has been off sick for several months, but was around the other day and said “Hey Gidge I’ve got something great for Fat Tuesday!”
And she does!

Lily opted to wear the gorgeous shoes from Lemania instead which remind me of the beautiful satin shoes you get dyed to match your formal gowns. I had totally forgotten about this – until I saw those shoes. I wonder what HAPPENED to all my custom dyed shoes?
I digress.

The sexy bustier is revealing but still sexy.
Now, get that off before tomorrow missy! We can’t have you sinning during Lent!

What is Lily wearing?

  • Complete outfit – ALB Group Gift including skin
  • Shoes – Lemania Indigo

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