Valentine Ice

I knew I owned enough of the amazing creations from Ingenue to find something appropriate for the themed Valentine Ball that Shopping Cart Disco held Monday Night. The only question was WHAT to wear once I was IN my Ingenue Closet?
That was when I decided, I didn’t need Valentine pink or red, icy blue might be a lovely change up.

I must admit, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Please feel free to send jewelry. But what I REALLY love is the sentiment. I’m in love. And it’s an excuse to gush and rave at the person who makes you tingly and melty all at the same time. The person who you sleep next to in snuggly bliss every night.
Love is good.
I highly recommend it.

Now, who wants to be my Valentine?

Your Shopping List:

Dress:Ingenue Cadeau FROST.
Jewelry:Dark Mouse Soiree
Eyes:Poetic color lavender field,
Shoes:Ingenue freynii,
Lashes: amacci eyelash tattoo five,
Hair :[e] eliktatira rumor – blonde 02

Skin: League – Taylor – Pillarbox

poses – !bang

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