A Friendly Reminder About Our Commenting Rules

Here at IOF we’ve got one very strict rule.

We don’t do drama.


And we don’t allow it in our comments.

It’s why we have a COMMENT POLICY.

We strongly support individuals rights not to be copied or stolen from, however this blog is not the forum for discussions regarding theft or botting. Here at IOF, we’re doing editorial fashion blogging where we gush about what we love.

Creators with a concern about botting or ripping have a tool at their disposal, the DMCA process. This blog is also not a forum for discussion on whether or not that process works. It sucks, we didn’t invent it, please address that elsewhere.

Fanboys and Fangirls of creators with concerns about copied or botted merchandise are encouraged to share information with the creator, and with the blogger in private if you are inclined.

However as it says in our policy, we will not publish any comments which allege theft. Period.

This is our happy place. Please help us keep it that way.