Piercinnngggsss from -Pierce Of Mind-

So!! Today I thought I would cover some piercings.. Annnddd If you read my blog posts.. In almost all of them.. I have on mah Fluffy piercings from
<-Pierce Of Mind-> … see!!

Granted mine are modded from the original Fluffy piercings.. But I love them.. but n e whooooo!!  <-Pierce Of Mind-> now had some new goodies that were just released not too long ago.. and since ive been slacking on blogging.. I thought I would share them with you naooo! Each Piercing comes with 2 different colors and 2 different versions.. They are kinda awesome and amazing!! I hope you like!

(Above) <- PoM ->  – Body Piercing – Neptune Surface

(2 Pics Above) <- PoM ->  – Body Piercing – Studded Spinal

(2 Pics Above) <- PoM ->  – Body Piercing – Ringed Spinal

Skin – -Belleza- Erika group gift
Hair – (1st 2 Pics)  [e] – Rush (All Other Pics) !lamb. – Oh Sugar
Tats – [HUZ] – Oriental
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Moroccan Nights – Freebie Eyes

2 thoughts on “Piercinnngggsss from -Pierce Of Mind-

  1. w0rldof0ne

    Love love the piercings:)

    Maybe I’m just retarded but I can’t seem to be able to modify the piercings (the Fluffy one, for instance). I can move/rotate etc, but I can’t “delete” certain parts of the piercing that I don’t like..

    /me growls and throws laptop out of the window

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