Color Me Coddly, Color Me Happy


I had planned to blog this before I went into the hospital for surgery, but ran out of “oomph” and didn’t get it up. I shot this for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge because I love this gown from Paper Couture and it’s blue, blue, blue!!!!


The gown may be blue and the lovely Endless sim may be blue, but I a not feeling blue at all. I am a happy woman. When my best friend came to visit me after surgery she said, “before we chat, go look at your blog.” I cried, of course, touched not only be the treasure trove that is Gidge’s boundless heart, but also by the outpouring of good wishes, hopes and prayers from friends, acquaintances and readers here on the blog, in SL and in plurk. There was a whirlwind of love and kindness that circled the globe, gathering up hope an dropping it gently into that operating theater here at OHSU. And it worked. My surgery was complete within the minimum estimated time and there were no complications at all. Despite a rough day of illness and drama yesterday, I woke up this morning full of energy and optimism. Thank you each and every one for adding your voice to that whirlwind of hope that lifted me up through a very rough few days.


I love the painterly rich texture of the skirt. I love the Blues – the musical genre. Intellectually I understand the association between the color “blue” and the emotion “the blues” but often think blue is so much more than “the blues.” To me, it’s the color of compassion, of cozy cuddles and the sigh of contented relaxation on a sunny day. For today, though, it’s “coddly” – a new word that is pronounced with a long “o” and it describes exactly how my night nurse made me feel last night. I was alternating between freezing and burning up, nauseous and cramping and sobbing from pain and about as miserable as I have ever felt, when she wrapped me up in blankets, tucked pillows around me and soothed me, stroking my forehead with a wet wash cloth and stroking my head. I felt so cozy and cuddled that describing how wonderfully she cared for me this afternoon, I said she made me feel “coddly” and you know, that’s exactly how it felt. Coddly!


EarthStones Bali Crescent jewelry seemed to suit the embroidery on the collar and belt, although the dress embellishment seems sort of East European in origin while the Bali Crescent most assuredly is inspired by the lovely work of Indonesian craftsmen. Still the circular motifs echo each other despite the varied sources. The hair is from Amacci, a marvelous new release. The skin is the incomparable Dafne from PXL Creations. I gave it the “blues” with some layer makeup from Chelle.

I am still in the hospital and hope I can keep on posting while I am here. I don’t know. I expect this post may be a bit disjointed. I have drifted off to sleep several times while writing it – and have found it hard to keep my eyes open. However, I wanted to be sure to tell you how much I loved hearing from you and what a difference it made to my spirit.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: BeScene
  • Skin: PXL Creations Dafne with Chelle blush, eyeliner, shadow and mole
  • Eyes: Unique
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Amacci Jessica
  • Dress: Paper Couture Beaded Edging
  • Shoes: Ingenue Freynii
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Bali Crescent EArrings and Knotty Beads Bracelet
  • Location: Endless

6 thoughts on “Color Me Coddly, Color Me Happy

  1. Hethr

    Glad everything went well and wishing you a speedy recovery. Also I’m going to give you 100 gold stars for posting from the HOSPITAL!

  2. Saxoni Fenstalker

    LOL Your post was completely “jointed.” The dress is beautiful – I love that shade of blue. I’m so glad everything went well and that you are on the mend. But jeez, maybe you should rest a bit? I’m sure your body needs the zzzz’s. Recovering from surgery is hard work.

    ~ Just another adoring fan

  3. Laila

    Remember a time when we didn’t have internet in hospitals? How dreadful is that thought? LOL.
    I do believe blogging will make you feel better, and that in return will give you a speedy recovery. Take care.
    Beautiful blue gown =)

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