10 Colors of Tights for 100L from MIAO Makes Me Purr…

From MIAO you can pick up ten sets of ribbed color tights that are an absolute must for all us Barbie Girls this fall and winter. I love heavy ribbed tights, and the colors are deep are gorgeous on these.

I am PRETTY sure that you need these. I’m actually completely positive. There are a ton of other good things you need a MIAO as well, but today we’re just talking about the tights.
And yes, I was naked when I shot these.

Cropping is my friend.
The shoes are the subscribo gift at Shiny Things. Or the group join gift. Or, they’re something ,OMG THEY ARE FREE at SHINY THINGS!
Go to Shiny things and touch the thing and join the thing it says to and it’ll give you shoes.

You can see, I’m a very eloquent freebie blogger.

That’s why they LOVE me on Freestyle!

Style Notes:

  • Tights- Knit Ribbed Tights from MIAO
  • Shoes – Free Gift Zimmy shoes from SHINY THINGS

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