A Belated Welcome To Achariya

This is like one of those cards you get from your grandma, say about a month after your birthday, that says HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. And you think DAMN GRANDMA! How did you forget my fucking birthday? Crazy old woman.
That card always has like a twenty in it. Because in Grandma world that’s a lot of money and she thinks you can take all your friends to the movies or something with that money.
This post doesn’t have any money in it. I couldn’t find a wordpress template with a sleeve.

But this post does have old random pictures of me. Just for fun. I wonder where this red hair was from. Frangipanni? What happened to them?

And this is a picture of me and Cajsa from like two years ago.

We’re so glad to have Achariya with us on IOF as a contributor! Thank you Acha!

And today’s magic number, is SIX.

No fashion details. Just happy thoughts.

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