Elf Tuesday – 1/52 Grey

I decided to hop on board Luna’s blogger challenge “52 weeks of Color” .  Week One is Grey.  Not a color I wear often, because it reminds me of concrete and elephants.  Very bad memories.. DO NOT ASK!
1/52 Grey (1)
Now I know my issues are not the fault of the colour Grey/Gray itself persay, but then again, most “issues” do not have a logical explaination.  If they did, they would no longer be issues, being logical and all, right? Oh and another thing, cause I hear you saying it already,  “what about Silver, you always wear Silver elf-freak!”  Meh, it is shiny and purty and NOT Grey.. that is my opinion.

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1/52 Grey (2)
So I did a little shopping, and forced myself to hit “BUY” whilst hovering over actual GREY items.  No, it did not make me feel better either, so chup about retail therapy because it did not work in this case.
1/52 Grey (3)
I feel bad, having so little love for grey, because, I can see the beauty in it, really *shudder* I can. *nods and rocks in a corner*

Style notes:

Hair:  “Violet” from Exile (i am really loving this hair, its helping me get over my fear of hats, but I will save that for another post)

Skin:  “Irina (Fresh) from Amacci

Necklace: “Hannya” from Mandala

Shirt: “Isis” from Zaara

Vest: “Stripes Vest” from Tee*fy

Tights: “Cubie” from Tee*fy

Shoes:  “short boots moo  moo” from loveme

3 thoughts on “Elf Tuesday – 1/52 Grey

  1. galacaproni

    you look FABULOUS…..
    I’ve been thinking about doing the challenge as well…. will force me to blog at least once a week… I’ll save mine for Wednesday!

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