I HAVE A SECRET! Disco Deals Still Available….YAAY!

posted by Gidge

TECHNICALLY the Disco Deal ended at MIDNIGHT but I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY that there’s still Disco Deals in the DISCO DEAL ROOM and that you can have’m until some time tonight when they are going to be put up!


From Ingenue at Disco Deals - STILL AVAIL!

There are good things to be had there! But they will be gone at these aweome prices some time today so RUN!!!

And just to pimp my own Shiz….these are some of the poses that are out from GESTICULATE!

The COVER UP SET has both modest and not so modest poses.

The DISCO DEALS will vanish sometime tonight, but the Riot Room in the basement will still be there!

Style Notes:

  • Skin – PXL Creations Dafne – Pale Tone
  • Hair – Truth
  • Top Pic – Wearing Disco Deals From MIAO
  • Middle Pic – Wearing Disco Deals from Ingeue
  • Bottom Pic – Poses from GESTICULATE avail at DISCO DEALS
  • Glasses – Disco Deal from DARK MOUSE
  • Clogs – A-Bomb – Gidge Clogs

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