The One Where I Wear A Lot Of Stuff

posted by Gidge Uriza

The FAUXHEMIAN Hair from [Curio] wins my hands down best hair name at this years HAIR FAIR. It made my short list of styles I HAD to have so I was pretty stoked to get it on and be a pretty girl in it.

But then, I couldn’t figure out what to wear.

Originally I had something on every attachment point. But I’ve got plans for a look like that in a day or two so you know, I didn’t want to just KILL that sort of nutfuckery so early in the weekend. No no, I peeled off a few things and left my self with just enough stuff that I was laughing when I was done.

OHAI I need a tattoo. And a belt, lets find a belt. And Glasses! I need GLASSES!

I’m a Fauxhemian.

Leave me alone.

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Skin – League – Taylor – Medium
  • Hair – [Curio] – Fauxhemian – White Blonde R
  • Top – A-Bomb – Geekgasm Hunt R
  • Pants – A-Bomb -No More Words Striped Pants R
  • Belt – Bare Rose – Toy Shop Girl Belt
  • Lunch Box – A-Bomb  R
  • Glasses-bo0n – SMP Glasses- black
  • necklace – Miao- michelle ribbon locket
  • eyes – poetic color – lavender field

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