Oh, I'm Ready For It – Come On Bring It

posted by Gidge Uriza

…I bought the cheap Champagne, We’re Going Down In Flames

Oh I’m ready for it, come on bring it
Oh I’m ready for it, come on bring it
So Kiss Me Goodbye……….

Honey I’m gonna make it out alive
So Kiss me Goodybe……….
I can see the Venom in their eyes…….


Style Notes:

  • Skin – Djinn & Tonic – Mua – The Hired Gun
  • Hair –  I love Olive – Luani – Jet Black
  • Lingerie – Djinn & Tonic – The Hired Gun Lingerie
  • Shoes – Insolence – Marie Jeanne
  • Earrings – Donna Flora – Violetta
  • Eyes – Sterling Artistry – Crocus
  • Poses – !Bang and Behavior Body
  • Lashes – Exile

*Ok so…..I have like one serious anxiety.Getting lost while driving. And for several years now, whenever I am lost – I play the SNAKES ON A PLANE SOUNDTRACK in my car, and SING the theme song at the top of my lungs. Probably because when that movie came out, I went to see it with my best friend two or three times and it was some of the silliest, happiest times of my adult life. So, the snippets of the song on this post were actually inspired by the one plane crash in the pics – I kept hearing that part of the song “I bought the cheap champagne we’re going down in flames”. Yes Simon Cowell……..it’s utterly indulgent.

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