Quick Look: Donna Flora

The Sydney Dress from Donna Flora has a gorgeous art deco fabric motif - recalling the explosion of Egyptian inspired fabrics after the discovery of King Tut's tomb.

I wore the Shiny Things party pumps to accent the cerulean and black in the dress. I am using my skirt shape to make sure the slim line of the dress is not distorted by the skirt mesh.

The earrings are Kraftika's No 130 - one of my favorite pairs. The bracelets are the Zadaf shell bracelets from Zaara.

The skin is Kiera from Dutch Touch. The updo is from eha and called Chiko. You can see the lovely curls on the back in the picture above. The vendor picture doesn't even look like an updo, so remember the name. You can find it at the Switch 2 mall.

3 thoughts on “Quick Look: Donna Flora

  1. IndiaRose

    Casja, I have gone to the Donna Flora store and cammed around far more than my Linden balance should have let me…but I cannot find this dress! Can you possibly give any hints on how to find it?


  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    When I was there last weekend, this dress was in the bottom row of the center third of the new dresses. If you think of the store as a U, then it was in the bottom of the U where you walk straight in. There’s a couch in front of it, I think.

  3. IndiaRose

    Thanks, Cajsa. I realize now I wasn’t at the main store; once I went there, your directions made total sense and I found the dress right away. Thanks for the help!

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