The Big SL to RL Bebeh Contest – Reminder!

The time is drawing Near! My own OB has told me that when we go into labor it’s GO time – and I’m sure Hybie isn’t far behind! If you didn’t play yet, Hybrid Ansar and I are expecting to deliver our RL babies with our due dates being only 1 day apart (April 27 and April 28 respectively). We’d love to see even more entrants so read below and find the links to our two separate web pages for the big SL to RL baby contest! We’ve got prizes (listed below) and if anyone is interested in donating MOAR I’m going to ask you go ahead and hand them to Cajsa Lilliehook – who is our impartial third party and who I MUST REMEMBER TO GIVE THE BOX OF PRIZES TO TONIGHT! She’ll be giving the prize box to the winner!

Thanks so much to QXI Gears and Sloitkut Maynard for my little bebeh! This delivery was soooo easy – I bet the RL one will be that easy……….right? I just CLICK ACCEPT – right?

Imma repost the original contest below for all the details!!! 🙂

Oh No I'll Lose My Girlish Figure!

We kept it to Plurk for a few days but I think it’s time to open the rest of the flood gates for the BIGGEST CONTEST EVAH! The GUESS THE DUE DATE Contest for both Hybie and me! You see, Hybrid Ansar and I are due one day apart and as we both hit the 32 week mark this week- we decided it’d be fun to have a little contest to see who would deliver first.

It’s turned into a big contest! I MEAN HUGE! This is the prize list as it currently stands:

Gift Card Donations

  • Evie’s Closet – $L2000
  • Sn@tch – $L1000
  • Musashi Do – $L1000
  • Phoenix Rising $L1000
  • Dark Mouse $L1000
  • Hilarioius $L1000
  • Kess Kreations $L1000
  • Mer Elf Creations $L1000
  • House of Hucci – $L1000
  • This is a Fawn – $L500
  • Hilarious – $L500
  • DeeTaleZ – $L500 (Donated by Winter Jefferson)
  • Astraia – $L500 GC

Clothing/Merchandise Donations

  • A-Bomb
  • Abstract Reality Designs
  • Clio’s Pret a Porter
  • Bag Lady – New Life Bag (pictured above!)
  • Filter Cam from Mechanized Life

Plus Clothing from

  • Sascha’s Designs
  • Bare Rose
  • Tres Jolie
  • Blacklace

and I’ll bet there will be more. I apologize in advance if I missed anyone – my list is constantly changing and evolving so I need to make a new master list 🙂

How to play/THE RULES.

You should enter a guess on the web page link I give you for both Hybie and Me. The person who guesses WHICH of us has our baby first,and is closest with the date and time WITHOUT GOING OVER (just like on the PRICE IS RIGHT) will be our GRAND PRIZE WINNER and will win the LOT!

Our Web Pages are – Hybie’s Due Date Game and Gidge’s Due Date Game . So go to EACH of them and enter a guess if you like. I do advise closing one page before opening another. If you open them on top of one another – they tend to revert back to the first page you had open. It’s wonky.

So you’d like to apply some folklore,family beliefs or personal experience to your guess? Here is what I can tell you so far about us and our babies:


  • Due April 28 2010
  • Expecting – a baby boy
  • First Child
  • Had her 32 week check up today – so we can update any baby stats later today!


  • Due – April 27,2010
  • Expecting – a baby girl
  • This is my 4th Child
  • First Child delivered at 36 weeks 3 days, at 9 pounds 1 oz
  • Twins Delivered at 38 weeks and one was over 7 pounds and one was just under
  • At my 32 week check up, the baby is 4.5 pounds and her head is 10cm long 7 cm wide – 33cm circumference.
  • My doctor has no plans to induce me
  • I have never had a c-section

NOW! Apply all those old wives tales and go play!

I love that our SL and our RL can celebrate such a happy and wonderful time together! The more the merrier – anyone is eligible to win but the name who wins gets the entire cache. Cajsa Lilliehook will serve as our neutral 3rd party and will hold the cache and pass it to the winner!!!

If anyone wants to donate to the cache of prizes, just drop it on me, Hybie or Cajsa with a notecard! 🙂

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