Do The White Goths Only Stab Others For Good?

Posted by Gidge Uriza

You know the saying, EMO PEOPLE WANT TO STAB THEMSELVES, GOTH PEOPLE WANT TO STAB YOU – well after I got the latest White Goth – Sophie release from BLUEBLOOD this got me wondering. What are the White Goth’s up to? Reading Martha Stewart instead of Keats? Smoking E- Cigs instead of clove?

The Sophie dress comes in several pastel accented colors with a gorgeous white theme all over,including gloves and hose.

I love the details my Uriza cousin Ghanima always includes in her outfits, little decorative touches here and there that show her attention to the fashion.

We’re very different, cousin Ghamina and I – but love for fashion obviously runs in the Uriza line.

I’m wearing hair from DP YUMYUM’s Barbar YUMYUM and a festive skin from Frick which I could not resist.

Style Notes:

**Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Frick – Dawn Starlight – Peaches Tone – Lolly Lips
  • Hair – Barbar Yumyum- 05 Cappucino
  • Dresses – Blueblood – Sophie – White Goth R
  • Boots-  Digit Darkes – Clyde Boots R

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