Mahrathon Update

A week ago, DJ Maht Wuyts began his 26.2 hours odyssey to raise money for The Uganda Umbrella Project at Heifer International. Spinning the longest set in SL history (or so we believe) he hoped to raise 100,000 Lindens in tips to contribute to the project. However, the response was phenomenal and he raised much, much more. A total of 136,000 lindens which he sold immediately.  You can see the sale ticket here:

So it took a week to wend its way into becoming actual money.  As you can see, Maht rounded it up and added $100.00 of his own.

I am posting this so you all can see that indeed, your contributions have made their way to their intended destination promptly and completely.  Now, Maht continued to DJ at the Velvet every Sunday from 3-5 pm SLT, so be sure to drop in and enjoy interesting and different playlists from an amazing musical mind.

6 thoughts on “Mahrathon Update

  1. Maht

    Thanks, Cajsa.

    Most of the $113 difference between Linden sales and the actual donation was raised by bugging rl folk for small donations. Since I was hoping to be able to donate around $300, though, this donation was fantastic to be able to reach.

    And the Mahrathon itself ended up being a lot more fun than sitting at a computer for more than a day straight has any right to be. Looking forward to trying this again next year.

  2. Allison Widdershins

    You totally rocked. This was one of the best — and most fun — RL moneyraisers I’ve been to in SL.

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