The Best Event of the Day

Sixteen hours down and ten to go! A record in SL DJing is being set today with a 26.2 hours single set by a single DJ. I know it’s a crazy idea, but it’s for a good cause, building the bottom up economy of Uganda by providing cows and goats to poor households who will, in turn, pass on the offspring to additional households. It’s the Uganda Umbrella Project of Heifer International.

Maht Wuyts is my favorite DJ and he’s playing at my favorite club, The Velvet. He plays a great mix of indie and rock music – danceable and fun and he puts together a witty playlist.

The event has several sponsors who have provided lovely gifts for all donors. In the spirit of the project, Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do has made a polo shirt inspired by the Uganda flag and Adelaide Ade has made everything the Heifer beekeeper would need, including the bee’s nest. The gifts are fun and eclectic – just like the music set. The largest donor also gets a free photo session with Maht Wuyts, co-founder of MDR Photo Studio.

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