Saying Goodbye to Eshi Otawara

One of the more innovative and wildly creative Second Life builders and fashion designers has left Second Life and will be missed by many – including those like me who are merely casually acquainted with her via my admiration for her art. I have more than a dozen of her dresses and would have even more if I could have afforded some of those magnificent limited edition dresses she made.  My admiration for her design sense is dwarfed by my admiration of her sim building skills. One of the most distinctive sims in all of Second Life is the magnificent Rouge sim she built for Codebastard Redgrave – a wildly red sim in the shape of a woman. And yet, even that admiration is now overshadowed by how much I admire the honesty and dignity of her farewell to Second Life. This is no petulant picking up one’s toys and going home, but a sober, fearless self-examination that resulted in wrenching decisions that demonstrate that not only is she a talented artist, she is even more a wise human being. So, Goodbye to Eshi and Good Luck and Bon Voyage to Irena.

After the cut – some of her wonderful designs or check out the set on Flickr

Painted Hibiscus Dream

Kagawa Cheetah

Green Blossoms

This Dress is Made of Glitter

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Eshi Otawara

  1. chalice carling

    Now that is sad news for SL. She created my Emu Egg Dress for the Miss Virtual World pageant 2009 and it was simply amazing. Like many of us, SL serves a purpose for whatever reason and then it’s time to shine elsewhere. Go Irena Go.

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