Chicago, Chicago

I went to The Velvet yesterday for one of Maht’s special sets – this time a Chicago set featuring musicians from Chicago. It was a great set with songs by Wilco, Andrew Bird, Poi Dog Pondering and dozens more great Chicago musicians. I felt lazy and just lolled on the couch instead of dancing and could not choose better lolling clothes than this top and skirt from Mood.G.  The dark blue top is also a great setting to show of the fabulous new necklace from Zaara. She has been releasing some amazing jewelry lately. Her Statement Earrings and Bangles were just appetizers, though, for the fabulous necklaces released this weekend.  I was not feeling the best yesterday and was only online for a little over an hour and got three compliments on that necklace. Since I only saw about 8 people in that time, that’s pretty amazing.

I have been hoping for something that I could wear these recently purchased Huntress Boots I bought at Truth and loved the casual chic of the top and skirt. The blues and browns of the tights from bijou make a nice transition from the clothing to the boots.

Alright, on the count of three, let’s all say YUM!!!! for this gorgeous necklace. I love the bright bold colors. I love that it’s a longer, bigger, bolder necklace. Now I know many of you hesitate when purchasing a long necklace because too often they sink into your breasts. Well, no necklace will fit every shape and sometimes you do have to adjust, but for me, this was a perfect fit. However, if it were not, these are a few of the adjustments you can make to make it fit better. The first, of course, is to try adjusting the necklace a bit smaller/big, moving it up or forward. However, sometimes there is no way minor adjustments can work and you do not want to be editing linked parts in a piece of jewelry – you can too easily damage it. So, the next step is to adjust your shape a little. Make a copy and go to Edit Appearance.  Click on the Torso button and find the sliders that control breast sige, cleavage and gravity. You can reduce your cleavage a bit and make some room for the necklace, you can lower your breast s abit or even reduce them..and make that necklace lie on top, not inside of the breasticles.  And enjoy the lovely long necklaces that the bold jewelers on the grid are making for us.

The hair is from Truth – the recently released Claire and the skin if from the always loved blowpop skins, this one is Carmen.

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