Sunday Mish Mash

posted by Gidge Uriza

I wore this gorgeous piece -KABUKI- from Mon Amour the other day over at Second Style – and well, frankly, I just wasn’t done wearing it. It was just to wicked awesome to let go that quickly. So I decided to flip around a few things and see what shoot out for a completely different look.

Jewelry From Fresh Baked Goods

Jewelry From Fresh Baked Goods

The great thing about bustier tops is that they look fantastic under jackets, either dressed up OR dressed down. I went casual obviously adding jeans from Cuppycake and a jacket from Coco. The Mah Jong bracelets and necklace from my favie Fresh Baked Goods ties in the Asian Theme and I added big honkin clogs from Sn@tch to accent the red.

Sweet eh?

Now I rave for a moment. Ok first up the hair totally cute from pocket mirrors. Fun retro styles!

Second – PRIMOPTIC! YIKES! Ok so I’m not a glasses wearer on the Grid mostly bcse I am one in RL probably. So they dropped these on me and I was like “yeah ok whatever.”

And then I put them on. And then I read the notecard.

Umm HI these glasses are like a personal organizer and gadget factory as well as being glasses. First up, the color change options on all the parts, changing opacity etc etc is awesomesauce (and expected) in glasses. But it includes GADGETs – ye old Flight Feather, but an online indicator – such as , I want to know when Cajsa logs in – boom it tells me. It also provides radar so you don’t have to wear an additional hud. It’s kind of cool.

Plus, they’re really pretty.


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