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Now that Cajsa has had her SLebrity status confirmed I feel certain that every time we poke our heads out of the water of our seafloor studio we’re going to be completely swarmed with pixel reporters. All of whom will be claiming to have blogposts that they want to discuss.

Well……we’re very busy with fashion and other girly stuff. So – NO PICTURES (unless we take them) and NO COMMENTS! MOVE ALONG!

I picked up this very sweet tartan dress at Humby Designs back in June and it’s sat in my queue to show you – getting bumped day after day. I forgot it. 🙁 Oh Nos!) So in order to make up for failing to show my love……I want to give a gratuitous shout out TO the Creator and at Humby Designs in general. It’s a cute little shop and if you are looking to go somewhere else than the usual it’s worth a trip.

I really love the whimsical patterns and fun pieces for sale. I snatched this one up quickly and it’s a great summer dress. It’s also great for places which are always summer!

I pulled out my Laqroki Tasha skin which i forgot I had!

Style Notes

***No Review Items Worn In This Post***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Laqroki Portrait Skin – Tasha 01
  • Hair – Truth – Charlotte – Tahiti
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields
  • Dress – Humby Designs – Lady Tartan
  • Shoes – Hays Uriza – Saiyuri – Dark Red
  • Jewelry – EarthStones – Chakra necklace and Chakra earrings red jasper

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