Indy 500 Formal Fashion

posted by Gidge Uriza

If you know the right people, you don’t get just invited to cook-outs and up scale house parties or club venues. You get invited to fancy shmancy 500 affairs like the Governor’s Ball and the like. They’re all over town and the ladies in their black and white strive to put one another to shame.

There is little to nothing Subliminal about Digit Darkes new Subliminal dress. So she’s got an ironic sense of humor going on it’s name. I added the puff shoulders from the Dictator shrug because Cajsa made me.  But she was right, it’s an absolute win for notching the formality of this dress up one more rung on the ladder.

I have the slighted quibble with the attachment points on this, the belt disallowed a necklace on a dress that just SCREAMS wear a beautiful necklace. I had to attach the belt somewhere else and the carefully mod it around to the right spot for the shoot.  A quibble for shooting but I couldn’t have worn it OUT moving around with the belt all wonky if I wanted the necklace.

Now if only I had the perfect 500 Ball Invitation, I’d be set.

Style Notes

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Belleza – Belle – Med Smokey
  • Hair – Armidi – the Ginza
  • Dress- Digit Darkes – Subliminal Dress in Black and White
  • Sleeves – Digit Darkes – Dictator Shrug
  • Jewelry – Paper Couture – Diamond Pearl Menagerie
  • Nails – Love Soul – Dark Color Red

One thought on “Indy 500 Formal Fashion

  1. Harper

    Very sweet, both this and the party dress. ([Sigh]; as if I didn’t have enough gowns in my closet already [laughing]. Oh, well; I can always spend more time at Frank’s.)

    And these put me in mind again of my father, who was a car mechanic for half the dealers in my home area. (That man could tear down and rebuild an engine in his sleep, and did just so, after my mother died, to go to sleep every night.) Indy Sunday was a sacred holiday in our house because of his interest in cars. He’d be camped beside the radio listening to the race, with a pad laid out neat with all the numbers, cars, drivers and their engines, and he’d chart the leaders and times for every ten laps when they announced them. Heaven help you if you came up to talk to him during that race, except during commercials! When they started showing the race on ABC — and when could actually receive an ABC station in our area — he started watching the race as well, but it was never the same as following it on the radio for him.

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