Surgery as Fashion – CCAD

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m going to be a little out of pocket for a few days. I don’t really know how many. Real Life has come calling and when this posts, I’ll have a lovely bloody incision going, just like in the picture above.

Nifty eh?

I’m going to set up some posts to head out on their own while I convalesce, but if days pass and still no Gidge, I promise I’m just laid up nursing the vicodin and sleeping off the unpleasantness.

And I have a story, before I go.

I put in the word “bandage” in Search and find a store called BLOODLINE. I pop over and sure enough, it’s bandages GALORE, bloody scars – the works.

The owner is there, York Undercroft, and after I pay for this lovely midriff bandage (which comes in OOOOOODLES of layers so I could wear any old thing with it I WANT!)  he wanders over and asks me if my purchase was delivered!

Huh. No, actually it WASN’T! Well he was a honey and passed it to me straight away, apologizing – SL was probably borked but he also thought he might have a vendor problem of some sort.

I think he did, because his vendor delivered them to me TODAY again. 🙂 ooooops.

Anyway, he’s super sweet and a great store owner – I DO appreciate kindness and good service. Plus – I didn’t check his profile not being SINGLE myself but ladies, he’s a cutie.

Im Wearing PXL Creations FLAMENCO

I'm Wearing PXL Creations FLAMENCO

Well then, there it is.

I’ll be back when I’m better. Till then, I’ll be the fashionista in bandages.

Style Notes …….

Ok I have no idea……what am I wearing?

Let’s see if I can remember……

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL Creations Grace Fair – Flamenco
  • Hair – Laqroki – Priss Sunkissed
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – lilac something
  • Bra – Rosemar – possibly a freebie
  • Bandage – bloodline
  • pants – callie cline
  • nails – love soul

NOT TOO BAD from memory

*Addendum, I wasn’t aware it was CCAD until about 2am last night when Cajsa told me. At first, I thought I’d need to scramble to edit some pics I had already shot and then I remembered that in this post – I’d pulled on a pair of Callie’s beautiful jean.

I was appreciating her without even trying.

Kudos to Callie for her big heart and her open arms with which she greets the world. I am continually surprised by her eternal optimism and her lovely creations. Callie if I had more time I’d write you a poem, with rhyming and everything. As time is an issue, let me just say thank you for all your graciousness. You are truly appreciated.

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