Apocalypse Chic

When Miffy came over to the new It’s Only Fashion Blogging Headquarters and Day Spa (a photosphere on the bottom of the ocean in Glookbone back where we began MDR 18 months ago) I asked her if I could shoot her outfit for the blog. Sometimes I can really admire how someone styles herself – even if would never opt for that style – simply because of the utter commitment to her concept.  That’s what engages me with this outfit – that, and the quality of the components beginning with this amazing backpack from Tonktastic.

This ripped shirt from Tonktastic is also brilliantly made. Those wrinkles in the torso are amazing as are the shreds and rips and tears. The Sweetest Goodbye shorts are also amazingly realistic.  Miffy made the bandages and H1N1 mask herself and the mask is in the lucky chair at her shop.

The boots are from Shiny Things – the old laceup boots and coincidentally enough, I was wearing the same boots for an outfit I will blog next. The only difference is she wore black and I wore brown. You can see more of her bandages in this photo, too.

She’s wearing D Skin 47 and Truth hair. They eyes are not available as they were made for her by a friend.

*******Style List*****
Sweetest Good-bye [SG*] Hot green (short pant)
TonkTastic – The Backpack
TonkTastic – Tanktop (Fine White Ripped)
(Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots – black
::= Zenith =::Bandage set
=Zenith=H1N1-Med Mask(waer me) -from lucky chair
>TRUTHblack & whites<
D skin 47

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