Alice Steps off the Planet

posted by Gidge Uriza

Turns out I was supposed to fall down this hole into the FEED YOUR HEAD Alice in Wonderland Themed shopping area! But, me being me and trying to do many things at once, I shimmied into this complete Alice Avatar set that Averie from Hourglass Shapes sent me, and decided to run a couple of errands – one being picking up some hair I needed for another shoot.

So I say “Self, here is the landmark, pop over to that place and get that hair.”


It was interesting, wandering around this place in my Alice get up. It looks as though the monsters from ALIEN had style and taste and decorated!

This Place Is So Evil It Made Me Stick My Fingers Through My Arm!

This Place Is So Evil It Made Me Stick My Fingers Through My Arm!

Well, I had to take Alice on a spin around the place, as you can imagine. There were some pose balls out and a bubble ride so that was fun. But imagine my surprise to discover SHOPPING! Yes real shopping. You won’t believe what I bought – but you have to wait.

Skin by 3 Skins - Zoe - Wonderland
Skin by <3 Skins – Zoe – Wonderland

For your complete Alice Avatar you have to visit the FEED YOUR HEAD sim and go to Hourglass Shapes! GO!

  • Alice in Wonderland Complete Avatar Set Courtesy of Hourglass Shapes contains these items
  • Shape – Hourglass Alice in Wonderland Shape
  • Skin – <3 Skins Zoe in Wonderland
  • Dress – Pididdle – Alice in Wonderland Dress
  • Hair – Pididdle – Era – Alice Edition

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