Shame on Runway! a short rant

I have tried to contact Maggie from Runway Magazine and blog but all contact info has been stripped from the web site. I have also emailed Tao who generously hosts the Fashion Planet feed we all enjoy asking that Runway’s Blog be removed because they are abusing their privileges and spamming the feed. Since they have closed the agency and the magazine, this childish and selfish abuse of the feed is inexcusable. Unfortunately, even their former staff cannot contact Maggie as she has shut down her old email address in an effort to avoid any accountability.

Nonetheless, my posts continue to be sucked up without their permission and result in sending two copies of my posts to the feed. I am particularly upset in that I carefully design  my blog posts so that only 1 or 2 pictures go to the feed so that the feed is not spammed with lost of my photos and a long post – trying to be considerate of other readers and other posters who dont’ want their blog posts shoved down and off the feed any more quickly than necessary.

Despite all that, Runway is still stealing the content of It’s All Fashion without permission and still spamming the feed. Finally, Runway has removed some but it seems only those who publicly complained here on the feed.  If that’s what it takes, if discreet and quiet efforts to get removed cannot work, well then here’s my request to Maggie. Take me off the Runway Feed now!

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