So, when I saw the new poses from DARE made in response to a challenge to create poses based on the photographs of Robert Longo I was reminded of the dance sequence from Funny Face.  I didn’t want to dress exactly like she did in that scene, but did want to dress in something that was authentically representative of that style and era. The cigarette pants from Ingenue are the key ingredient.

Audrey wore black loafers and I went for a more streamlined low-heeled pump.  She wore white socks and I chose to go bare.  Both looks are equally authentic, but I prefer my choices. I dislike the look of white socks with a black outfit. I know it’s there to draw your eyes to her feet for the dance, but knowing that still doesn’t make me like the look.

The black and white striped tank or tee was a favorite fashion option back then and this one from Emery is perfect for the era.  The large hoop earrings became ubiquitous a few years later, but I really like the look of these from Dark Mouse.

There are a few more pictures of other poses at the Robert Longo set on my flickr.

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: DAre Robert Longo
  • Skin: Infinity from Blowpop Carmen R
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: Redgrave Moulin Rouge
  • Hair: Damselfly Pixie
  • Top: Emery Striped Tank
  • Pants Ingenue Cigarette Pants
  • Shoes: Periquita Vera
  • Jewelry: rings and things Black Shine necklace, Dark Mouse Locked Up Earrings R, +Plus Summer Essence Bracelet

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  1. Stacie Pryor

    I love this post! Great poses, and the outfit is sooo evocative of Audrey…FANTASTIC! 🙂

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