You Are Cleared To Land – An It's Only Fashion PSA

posted by Gidge Uriza

Going on RL vacation sent me shopping for beachwear on the grid and I was ecstatic when I ran into this hot island inspired piece at BOOM. I thought the bikini with the slightly transparent cover up on the jacket layer was a great look and really exotic- a MUST have for my vacation shopping. (SHUT UP I CAN IMAGINE I WORE IT ON RL VACATION).

It was also a great opportunity to take one of Hart Larsson’s PXL CREATIONS Grace skins in Fashion Tan tone for a run. I don’t wear a LOT of tan skins but I do like the warm tone on his.  Plus I like the nipples and the naughty bits on his skins. Where else can you say “Oh my friend does my hoohaha?” and not mean something sexual – except on the Grid?

But now we get to the PSA part. My old boss was yammering at me to come attend a beach party at the Insane Beauty Beach club and I acquiesced because I hadn’t seen the jackass in a while so I popped over and thought it was a great opportunity to wear this look out. Eventually I dropped the cover up and realized WOW this bikini is really really small (ahem look close above and ahem, you’ll see a nip shot – ooops).

PXL Creations GRACE in Fashion Tan - Coffee Lips

PXL Creations GRACE in Fashion Tan - Coffee Lips

But you know me, it takes me weeks to look at the girly bits on skins and when I get dressed I spend forever making sure the tone of the skin and the MAKEUP look good with the clothes and usually all my stuff is covered up and I don’t sweat it.

But then we were shooting this outfit and I dropped the cover-up to give you guys a look at the bikini and Cajsa says “Ahem, Runway.”


“What?” I asked.

“Landing strip – you’ve got one.”

So I cam down (I was busy doing other stuff while she shot) and OMG! LANDING STRIP AHOY!

Now I knew that this skin came with a really delicate, femme little look as far as that part of the skin went. But it just so happened that THIS bikini is SO low cut that I can probably give birth to a pixel baby while wearing it.

Does this also mean that I probably danced around all night with my well manicured landing strip in site at the Insane Beauty Beach Club?

Probably.  Don’t let it happen to you. Cam up and down!

I slipped into the “bald as the day she was born” Genesis skin from Ryker Beck to just shoot the bikini.

This Girl Needs Some Sunblock!

This Girl Needs Some Sunblock!

Of course I look different in the last shot – but my delicate modesty is preserved thanks to Cajsa’s watchful eye!

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creation Grace in Fashion Tan – Coffee Lips Smoke EyesR
  • Skin 2 – Genesis – Sugar Tone – Rockstar
  • Hair – Laqroki – Untamed – 06
  • Eyes – EarthStones- Amethyst – VIVID (NEW EYES WADDYA THINK?)
  • Suit and Coverup – BOOM- Tahiti Sweetie – Tropics
  • Nails – Adam n Eve  – Coffee Nails

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