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You find precious few people to respect on the grid. Oh don’t get me wrong – I always find LOTS of people to LIKE. But I’m a bit drawn to rakes and ruffians of various ilk -so the grid really is like mother’s milk in that department.

But when you talk about RESPECT, people with true ethics and who “do the right thing” well….ok they’re few and far between.  Which is why I’m giving a shout out to my friend Sasy Scarborough, the creator of the shoes on my feet.  Sasy is one of those people, that after I have a moment where my only response is *BLINK* – I IM Sasy and say “SASY! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

Or “Sasy, why does this look this way? Is this INTENTIONAL what the hell?”

They are only available on Xstreet, the former SLX. You can get them in a MULTITUDE of colors HERE. (I am wearing the dollarbies, so you can pick up one pair to check them out and then go buy the rest because you are addicted).

I gotta make sure you know this- FLATS ARE THE BOMB this year. Flats are back and have made it to SL about 6 months after they really took hold in the RL market (let’s face it, we pixel girls love our heels).

The outfit is from Little Rebel who is having a L$25 End of Days sale and I don’t know what that means? Going out of business (NOOO!) but everything in the store is priced to ROCK.  I went crazy there one night recently. I love these casual pants with the scarf belt.

I’m yet again wearing one of Ryker’s Genesis – EDEN skins – this is Rockstar and a pair of her eyes – I love her eyes despite my penchant for my 2 yr old eyes from FNKY. These are Au Natural Blue by Genesis.

Someone on plurk asked “Are other people besides the bloggers wearing the Eden skins yet?”

Who are these OTHER PEOPLE you speak of? (smirk, smiles)

Check out the shoes from Flair – it’s a moral imperative. All the cool kids are doing it. You can’t sit at the lunch table with us unless you are wearing them, I mean it.

Fashion Details

***Review items noted with bold R***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Genesis – EDEN – Sugar Tone – Rockstar R
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Shayne – Iconic Blonde
  • Top and Pants – Little Rebel
  • Shoes – FLAIR – Ballet Flats in Black and Blush
  • Jewelry – Studio Sidhe – Quartz Crystals
  • Nails – Love Soul Dark Red

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  1. sasyscarborough

    :O smacks your bum , everyone can sit at the lunch table…barefoot, odd shoes it doesn’t matter, you so naughty, but thank you so much for your wonderful words ♥ and such a great look.

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