Casual Leopard Friday

posted by Gidge Uriza

I may have a penchant for choosing redheads as bestest friends. My bestest friend in high school and most of my adult life is a red head. Cajsa is a red head.

Clearly I have some unresolved redhead issue.

I decided I wanted to BE a redhead at one point, and begged my now really exclusive stylist friend to do it – back when he was only just working a step above the Regis at the mall.  Even though I had rocked the platinum blonde since God was a boy, he complied and made me red.

It was delicious.

Do you know what Red Hair does on platinum blonde overprocessed  hair? It slides right out. By day 5 I was beauty school dropout pink. I begged him to fix it and he did, time and time again until it was time to concede defeat. My hair was too bleached to HOLD any color on it that was respectable.

So he cut off all my hair and used off the scalp bleach on my scalp to lift the pink, but you couldn’t tell because when it was done, my entire scalp was red – and bleeding.

So now, when I want to be red, I run over to Diversity and pop on some of Aleri’s hair – it’s far less painful. And it never, EVER fades.

I’m showing off one of  Tealanes new skins  Honey tone – Lindsay.

I’m also head to toe Sn@tch. Cuz some days you need more Sn@tch than others-  right Ivey?

Fashion Details

***Bold R indicates a review item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Tealane – Honey Tone – Lindsay R
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Kirstin – Grenadine Red
  • Top – Sn@tch – Sex Kitten in Blue/Black
  • Pants – Sn@tch – Suede Purple and Black Pants
  • Shoes – Sn@tch – Trash Heels in Leopard
  • Nails – Adam n Eve Rogue

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