A Fashion Blogger's Bedroom

posted by Gidge Uriza

You would imagine, that when one has a RL husband who spends hours and hours retexturing your new SL home, and he spent hours arranging and picking out furniture to make your home a place you can be proud to bring your pixel friends – that you’d be careful with your prims.

You’d mind them, make sure that you can always have plenty available, wouldn’t you?

Of course, if you did that – you wouldn’t be THIS Fashion Blogger.

Because this fashion blogger has a system for her new purchases and review items. Immediately after purchase, they are taken home – and dropped on the bedroom floor. That’s right.

Until they get worn – they sit on the bedroom floor.

But what’s fun is this, I have moments like “Hey, Belleza skin! Where did I get this?” so you know, it’s like a little hunt – in my own bedroom.

I also often have random parts of outfits attached, as I’m trying to figure out what to wear together.  Don’t even ask for fashion details on this post.

Okay, tis silly. But – I thought you might like a break from the “OH MY GOD IT’S ANOTHER FASHION POST” here on  your Friday night!

Rollered Hair is from Weirdiculous - Theres Your Fashion Details

Rollered Hair is from Weirdiculous - There's Your Fashion Details


Happy Friday People! Let’s go Shopping!

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