Blogher 08 Returns to Second Life!

Okay I’m clearly the Blogher 08 Mascot as I showed up in the CNN iHub orientation area wearing the Blogher Colors.
I screwed this post up earlier and killed our side bar so I’m reposting and crossing my fingers as I type. Let this let be a lesson to me, don’t cross post from blogger. (Sorry for the bad photo – clearly this is NOT one of Cajsa’s beautiful photos).

But SPEAKING of BLOGGING – one of the PREMIER blogging events for bloggers is coming to Second Life! Last year it was a fantastic event and I wouldn’t miss it this year for anything! You can attend for free in Second Life! Schedule of events and all sorts of useful info is available HERE. 

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

Blogher is a fantastic organization promoting bloggers – check’em out!

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