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Big Bad Blogger Challenge #5

A post about drama demands DRAMA in the look and what is more dramatic than this marvelous Pincushino hair from Yukinowaguma.

Oh no she didn’t! She did. Alice Chenaux now tells us to blog whatever we want to blog about. Well, that is what I was doing before the BBBC. (grin) Okay, so I decided to check out Hamlet’s suggestions, especially one that struck me as fatally flawed from the outset. He suggested the following question for Tuesday; “The Second Life fashion scene is infamous for negative interpersonal drama. Do you think it’s possible to make it less so, and if so, how?”  I know, I know, we don’t do drama on our blog, but I think it’s possible to discuss what I think about SL Fashion drama without creating a new drama. We will find out soon enough if it is. Pardon my while I grab my umbrella and scurry under cover.

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